How to write a formal letter

How to write a formal letter|Letter writing has been a means of communication right from when mobile phones wasn’t in use. People do communicate to their families and loves ones far and near through the use of letter writing. To write a formal letter, one has to note that:

How to write a formal letter
How to write a formal letter

i.          Formal letters are used for applications
ii.          There is no exchange of pleasantries
iii.         It goes straight to the point.

What is a Formal Letter?

A formal letter is a letter that which one writes to a person he has never known or isn’t in a close relationship with. Such letters can be written to the Governor, Principal of a school, Headmaster and other people in authority.

How can I write a formal letter?

In writing a formal letter here are certain things to consider.

Address: The first thing that has to come to the mind of a writer when writing a formal letter is the address. Usually formal letters has two addresses, which is the writer’s and the recipient address. The writer’s address is been found at the right hand side and is usually the first while the recipient address is found at the left hand side below. The writers address usually goes like this; name of street, local government area, state, country and date respectively. While the recipient address is in this manner; rank of the recipient, organization, state and country respectively.

Salutation: This is been written as Dear Sir or Dear Madam and is found below the recipients address.

Heading: Another feature of a formal letter is the heading in letter writing the heading can be in block or sentence case, it is found at the center of the paper immediately after the salutation.

Body: The body of every letter is where the real reason of writing is stated, it is made of up paragraphs and sentences. In the first paragraph the writer introduces the aim of writing and this is followed by the subsequent paragraphs which includes a brief explanation about the writer which is the age, locality state institutions attended/qualifications, interest for the job, pledges etc. In reference to the highlighted tips above to be consider when writing a formal letter, a formal letter isn’t an informal letter so it isn’t chatty, it goes straight to the point only relevant information are applied.

Conclusion: As the final part of every letter writing the conclusion is where the writer concludes his writing. It is been written as “Yours faithfully” and is followed by the autograph of the writer after that the full name.

With these writing a formal should be with ease rather than being in a daze.

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