How to create blog and rank it on Google

How to create blog and rank it on Google| In this  article I will be discussing how to create a blog and rank it on Google, stick around as I unveil the hidden secrets in ranking a blog on Google, bing, webmaster and other search engines.

  How to create blog and rank it on Google
  How to create blog and rank it on Google

How to create blog and rank it on Google

Blogging is the act which involves the writing of content into a website known as the blog and publishing them. Many people do not know what actually makes a site to rank, they all think  it is all about writing posts and publishing them. Outside, this they are still other things involved in placing your blog on Google’s first page.

How to create blog and rank it on Google

ica Neue, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">Here I will mention the processes one has to undertake in other to create a blog and rank it on Google.

Buying a domain name:  In this concept people may wonder what a domain is. Now a domain name is the what web servers uses to recognize a site. Examples of domain names includes .com .uk .ng .edu .org. .ga .au etc. 

How can one get a domain name? To get a domain name you have to log on to a web hosting company sites like bluehost, siteground etc. To buy a domain name.

Web hosting: Web hosting on like leasing is the period of time a blog will be accessible on the internet i.e. to say for a blog to open on Google and other web servers it must have a web host, it ranges from a year, two years, three years etc.

In this aspect I am really stressing on how to create a wordpress blog which involves the buying of domain names  and web hosting. After buying a domain name and web hosting one  a C-panel account is created which is an access to wordpress site settings platform with the aid of C-panel account one can create a web mail, host more one  site in a particular hosting.

With it you can access the wordpress dashboard which controls the activities of your blog, this is where you can write, edit, view and reply to comments and publish your articles.

To rank a blog on Google you have to publish quality contents i.e. contents that are not duplicates of others, which is been composed by you the blog owner. 

Then you are to create a sitemap for your blog. In creating a blog in wordpress sitemap you are going to use a special plugin in the wordpress dashboard known as yoast. With yoast  a blog can be visible in Google search results.

Another factor is consistent blogging this helps to create more contents for your blog which when internet users searches for contents, if you have a good content Google will refer them to that particular post in your website.

Last but not the least is creating quality backlinks. What are backlinks? Backlinks are links that connects to another blog, this is like a door which leads to another room in a house.

Backlinks also help in the ranking of a blog in Google, bing, webmaster and other browsers.

With these ranking a blog shouldn’t be a task but something to be done with ease.

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