How to write a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

How to write a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)|Hello everyone!! Today I will show how to write a professional curriculum vitae that makes your curriculum vitae appreciated and job recommending. To get the best out of this article stick around as I list the contents, guides and how to place this contents to make your curriculum vitae look professional.

Making a CV look professional implies making it recommendable, using words that are advanced rather than using mere sayings, using them appropriately in the required areas, stating real facts about yourself. Here I will show you how to write a CV that will not render your application pending, you will know the things needed to be written in a Curriculum Vitae also you will know those things that are frivolous to be included in a CV.

How to write a professional Curriculum Vitae cv

How to write a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Writing a CV has various styles, people employ different patterns in writing a curriculum vitae. A person may choose to start with the name, address, phone number and e-mail address, centralizes them, make the name bold and legible than the subsequent. Others may choose to start by writing a bold centralized inscription of Curriculum Vitae at the top. Any way one chooses in writing a CV is advisable but the main thing is the content of your CV. At times Curriculum Vitae are been designed people may like to add a picture of themselves by adding their faces, but this is just done to make it look attractive.

What are the contents of a Curriculum Vitae?

Objective:  This is a brief introduction in which the writer states his ambitions and urge for the organization he seeks application into.  Like in the picture above I wrote mine as  “To use my knowledge, skill and ability to achieve the goals and ambitions of the organization, as I discharge my duties judiciously ” you can use any writing of your choice but, let it portray your intentions after securing the employment.

Personal or Bio Data: In this area, the job seeker gives details about his self, this includes his gender or sex, marital status, religion, date of birth, state of origin, local government area, nationality, e-mail address, phone number etc. Here if the job seeker must have written his name, residential and e-mail addresses, phone number at the top of the CV he is not to include same in the bio data any more which is to say that name and residential address would have been written along with others.

Now how do you place this components of the bio data? If you are writing a CV without the your name and the other pre-listed features as an inscription at the top of the page your are to include them as follows: name, date of birth, sex or gender, residential address, state of origin, local government area, phone number, e-mail address, religion, marital status, nationality. But if you are writing your curriculum vitae without your name as an inscription at the top of the page, the converse is the case.

Educational Qualifications and Institutions attended with their dates respectively: Here the writer state his educational attainment either in ascending manner (from the lowest to the highest) or in descending manner (from the highest to the lowest). For instance I attended Newcastle High school London, where I had my secondary education, and New york Grammar school  where I had my primary education, if I am ascending I will start from New york Grammar school before Newcastle high school London and then if I am descending I will start from Newcastle high school before New york Grammar school. In line with this, the date is been included, the writer is either to state the range or the year of completion.

Working Experience: As part of a curriculum vitae the writer includes the places he has worked, position attended or the current position if still current and the year.  Just like I did stated it can be written in ascending or in descending manner. Which is to say from previous to current for ascending  and for current to previous in descending.

Skills or Personal Skills: In the personal skills the writer states his potentials, what he can do, the characters possessed. Which can include; ability to work with little or no supervision, ability to work as a team, good interpersonal relationship, good communication skills, fluent in English also the writer can add his skill acquisition as well like able with MS word, Excel and power point. The personal skills, gives more value to the job seeker as he states his capabilities.

Hobbies: Hobbies are stated in curriculum vitaes, as it shows the  versatility of the job seeker. What are hobbies? In case you find difficulty with its definition, hobbies are the things a person does at leisure in CVs hobbies are written as well, the writer can include singing, dancing, playing football, making  research, playing games etc any thing a writer choose he/she should note that to make it look professional it most be something in relation to the type of job seeked for.

Referees: This are people who are capable of giving account of a person applying for a job. How are they are written? They are written in this form; Name, Profession, region and phone number. In most cases a job seeker writing a cv may not know the profession of who he wants to include in his cv he can simply write the name and region in case being ignorant of the phone number as well.

Also when writing a cv the job seeker can input suggested headings like Professional Membership, where the writer states organizations where he/she stayed under training, personal development. Other headings a writer thinks could best define his certification or potential can be included in line with the afore listed features.

How to write a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Now how can you write a curriculum vitae? With the features of a cv stated above one has known the requirements of a curriculum vitae. But what is yet to be understood is the placement of this elements and their child elements. When writing a curriculum vitae, if you are using name, address, phone number and email address as inscription at the top of the page, you are to not to include this lists in the bio data of the cv. Below is how to write a cv in a professional way.

Step 1

Write your name, address, phone number and email address respectively as inscription on the top of the page. Or if you choose using “Curriculum Vitae” as the inscription, it is applicable because it is all a matter of choice.

Step 2

Write your objective: In writing the objective, you state the goals which you want to achieve for the organization your are seeking employment into. It can be written as “As an industrious individual I will work towards the progress and success of the organization, using my intellects, and strength to achieve the ambition of the organization” you can as well use any statement of your choice but let it portray your thoughts or wishes for the organization you are seeking employment into.

Step 3

Write your personal or bio data: If you are not using your name, residential address, phone number and email address as inscription at the top of the page, the first element to write will be your name followed by your date of birth, residential address,  and the other elements but if you are using your name, residential address, phone number and email address as inscription, you are to not to include them any longer in the bio data rather you start from the ones you have not included.

Note: If you are not using your name and its subsequent as inscription on the top of the page, you are to start with your name as the first element of the bio data, followed by others, it isn’t a most that you follow my style in writing the bio data, but your are to start with your name as the first element of the personal or bio data.

Step 4

Write your educational qualification and institution attended with dates following the pattern stated above in the educational qualification and institutions attended with dates which  is one of the sub-sections of this article.

Step 5

Write your working experiences as stated in this article.

step 6

Write your skills or personal skills as stated in this article.

Step 7

Write your hobbies following the style given above.

Step 8

Write your referees using the pattern made in the Referee sub-section of this article.

With these, writing a professional CV should be done with ease and not stressfully.


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