How to add menus in a blogger blog


How to add menus in a blogger blog| Menus helps in categorizing a blog, it makes blog post different from others, by giving them classes. In this article you will know how menus are been added in blogger, continue to reading as I enumerate the processes involved.
What are menus?

These are tabs located below a blog title or logo, these tabs contains data, which is in line with the title. With menus one can specify posts, which is to say if one publishes school news, jobs and other niches on his blog, menus are to be created for all this groups so as to help viewers while accessing the data. In most blogs menus are placed above and below blog title or logo, in this case the title varies, because the blogger may be using the once above for the privacy, about and contact pages, while other information found on blog are placed on the menu below the blog title or logo.

How to add menus in a blogger blog
How to add menus in a blogger blog
How to add menus in a blogger blog
To add menu in blogger uses a particular style below are the steps to employ when adding a menu in a blogger blog.
By default every blogger theme has a home page, so to add menu:
Step 1
Type in the label: To create a menu in blogger you can’t add one by creating a page on clicking on the page tab from the list of other tabs on

your blogger dashboard rather in the process of publishing a post in the label tab type the name of the menu you want to add.
Step 2
View the blog and copy the label’s URL: After publishing, click on view this views the post you have published. At the base of the post locate “label”, here this label defines the type, which is the name of the menu you added before publishing displaying as an anchor text. Click on it and it still opens the same post. On the search bar of the web page, select or highlight the url and copy.

Step 3

Click on Layout, locate page widget: After copying the url of the label, return to your dashboard and click on the layout tab, this reveals the structure of your blog displaying in widgets, locate the page widget and click on it.

Step 4

Paste the URL: On clicking on the page widget this displays a dialogue box in the display click on the “Add internal link” tab, this displays a space where you can give and title as well as adding the url. Input the name you inputted before publishing the post in the space provided for name then paste the URL in the space provided, click on save.
After doing this it takes you back to the layout of your blog where you are to click on the save arrangement tab so as to effect the save. When you are done saving you can view your blog and the menu will be added in line with the home menu tab.


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