How to create a youtube channel

How to create a youtube channel||Creating a channel in youtube is a way of making of yourself, skill or ability known. In this article I am going to show you’re the steps involved in creating a youtube channel. Continue reading as we proceed.

How to create a youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel

What is youtube?

This is an online platform where videos can be viewed, downloaded, shared etc. It can be accessed by any search engine, ranging from Google, Bing, Safari, Webmaster as well Firefox. With youtube one can broadcast a video I mean live video that is to say events or occasions can be streamed on this platform.

How to create a youtube channel

Doing this is pretty easy below are the steps to be taken when creating a youtubechannel.

  • Create an gmail account
  • Log on to youtube
  • Click on the profile picture icon
  • Click on youtube studio
  • Click create a business name
  • Fill in the required data
  • Click on OK

After completing this steps your youtube dashboard opens and you can start uploadind videos.

One of the reasons why people own channels on youtube is for mercenary reasons. They create videos, upload them, viewers on viewing this videos subscribes and after a huge number of subscriptions on the video the youtuber applies for youtube ads and gets paid.

With these creating a youtube channel should be done with ease.

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