How to prepare moi-moi in Nigeria

How to prepare moi-moi in Nigeria| Do you know that moi-moi is a nutritious food? Continue reading to discover the processes involved in its preparation.
Moi-moi is gotten from beans, which gives protein to the body. Beans are bi-annual crop which is to say that it has a life span of two years before it can be harvested.

In Nigeria moi-moi is cherished by all, it is been eaten as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a food that people loves eating, it can be prepared for commercial purposes, this is either by supplying or hawking.

Ingredients/Items needed in the preparation of moi-moi

To prepare this food, one needs to know the ingredients and the items involved in its preparation, in other to make your moi-moiscrumptious you have to add this ingredients in their right proportions. They include: beans, salt, pepper, egg, bony meat, onions. Items needed includes: pot, tap Olean, nylon, stove or any cooking device, mortar/pestle, grinding machine.

How to prepare moi-moi in Nigeria
How to prepare moi-moi in Nigeria

How to prepare moi-moi in Nigeria

After getting the items and ingredients stated above, you can now proceed to prepare your moi-moi.

Step 1

Washing:This is the first thing to do before any other thing, you are to wash the beans, salt, pepper and other ingredients stated above in other to make them clean. As well, the mortar/pestle should be cleaned and the grinding machine should be clean as well. Doing this show you are hygienic.

Step 2

Pounding/Grinding: Subsequently you are to grind the beans, pound the pepper to be used if it needs to be pounded; in line with these you are to cut the onions.

Step 3

Mixing:Here the grinded beans is poured into a bowel and all other ingredients are added exception of the egg which will be added, while packaging. After pouring the beans and adding other ingredients, you are to stir carefully as you mix them.

Step 4

Packaging:When mixing has been done, it is then poured into a nylon which is used to package; after it is poured you are to tie the mouth of the nylon. During this process, you can add your boiled egg or your bony meat.

Step 5

Boiling: Add few cups of water moderately into the pot to be used in boiling, cover it with a tap Olean, this is done to prevent the water from entering, because it is been steamed. Put the package moi-moi, allow to boil. As a normal way of cooking you are to check if it is ready. After allowing to boil for some time, your moi-moi is ready for consumption.

With these you should be able to prepare moi-moi yourself without buying one.  

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