Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Denewzza is designed to meet the need of internet users using the world wide web on daily basis. It offers genuine information on education, which are likely admission offers, registration procedures, scholarships and other matters relating to academics. As an innovative blog, we give guides on areas like blHow Tos also in this category we have made available guides on other areas as well. Being conscious of the need of our users included in our offers are Job alerts or employment news, which we make known to our viewers by giving them current job updates.

Information Dispatched

We give current information, from their original sources, we do not prevaricate, as information shared are given directly and it differs from those shared by other blogs.
Why do we share these information? In other to meet the need of our viewers or audience our blog is been updated regularly, to avoid viewers relenting efforts on viewing our blog.
So @, you can check out for latest education news and job updates.   

User Friendliness

As one of the means of enhancing the information we share, we create room for exchange of ideas here you can send us a comment and feedback will be given as soon as possible. In this process, you state your issue and we will give solutions based on the questions you asked, feel free to drop comments on any information you find complicated as we are always at your request.

Utilizing our blogger has categories where these information spoken of falls under. In other to view this information you are to view these categories periodically, know their content. In ancillary you search for a title of your choice at the search bar if your title is related to what we have gotten already you will see it display but if we do not have what you searched for  you will see this inscription “no results found for (the title of what you searched for).”

Disseminating our Data

By helping us reach more viewers,  gives viewers the mandate to share the information viewed to others, using the shareable mediums available in each post. This includes facebook, twitter, pinterest, email etc. Which is to say you can email an information to a friend, share on facebook, twitter or pinterest, the data you find useful. This help us getting in touch with more audiences.

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